Water Proofing - Injections - Fire Proofing - Industrial Flooring - Corrosion Protection - Concrete Repair and Restoration - VDF ( Vacuum Dewatered Flooring) - Sandblasting / Protective coating.

Services We Offer

Water Proofing

We have trained workers and supervisors to ensure compliance of various installation conditions and also to handle different types of waterproofing needs. We provide adequate technical back-up service to all our customers at all times. Our workforce is competent to install waterproofing systems that are pre-formed sheet membranes and single/multi-component liquid-applied seamless membranes. The waterproofing, membranes may be self-adhesive, loose-laid, mechanically fastened or heat welded. With this in-depth knowledge of various products and their application process, our strength lies in our ability to recommends build-up roof systems for different shapes, sizes and functions. Other building areas waterproofing by us includes the walls, the wet area (bathrooms, toilets, kitchen and balcony) and basement walls and floors. Our scope also extends to the landscape area, swimming pools for building projects and tunnels, roads, reservoirs or civil engineering works. Re-roofing works, which are usually quite complex and difficult, can also be handled by us.

Fire Proofing

We are very familiar with most of the fireproofing products available in the market and in fact have been an applicator and trained exclusively in W R GRACE (Singapore) PTE LTD range of fire protection coating and waterproofing products, the world�s leader in the manufacturing of fireproofing products. We as their trained applicators have been going on for approximately 10 years now. Our trained employees are also constantly upgrading our skills and equipment up to the global standards so as to increase our proficiency and level of service. We have worked for both the public and private sector projects.

Industrial flooring:

This aspects of the work is quiet varied as we have put up flooring systems on both new and floors to withstand heavy traffic like vehicles and forklifts or floors to resist chemical spillages as in laboratories, food processing plants, hotels and other industrial usage. Floor systems may range from simple application of mineral aggregates to hardening the wearing surface of complex epoxy screed capable of withstanding high impact locals and abrasion. Our flooring department has experience in installing floor systems of bakeries, multistoried car parks, warehouses etc. we also pride ourselves in upgrading existing damaged floor which is always an extremely arduous process. As in all other specialize fields our technicians are trained and posses a thorough working knowledge of various flooring products including cementations compounds, epoxies, urethanes etc.
Installing specialize flooring system always require the appropriate tools and equipment from the surface preparation to the actual application. On philosophy has always been to use the best available tool to execute the job under the close supervision of trained personnel.

Corrosion protection, concrete repair & restoration:

We have a structural protection and concrete repair and restoration section experienced in spilling concrete repair , epoxy grouting repair, P.U. injection repair and corrosion inhibitors. We have trained staffs which in turn conduct in house training for our supervisors and applicators in repair technology meeting recognized standards. Our trained supervisors and team of applicators have extensive experience worked in many projects in Singapore.

Sandblasting/protective coating:

We specialize in sandblasting and protective coatings. We apply epoxy primers and urethane primers and finishes. Best uses for epoxy primers would be on your factory equipment, frame or machinery parts, or where the part will be in extreme conditions such as heat, rain, etc.

Core Cutting:

We do any size of core cutting as you need.

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