Water Proofing - Injections - Fire Proofing - Industrial Flooring - Corrosion Protection - Concrete Repair and Restoration - VDF ( Vacuum Dewatered Flooring) - Sandblasting / Protective coating.

Welcome to Top A India

TopAIndia's team of highly skilled workers, managed by professional Engineers with proven expertise in waterproofing, fireproofing, industrial flooring, concrete repairs, corrosion protection & Sand/Grid blastings, has enabled the company to provide a range of proven options using both the latest developments in materials and techniques, and tried and tested traditional methods.


To Provide quality with cost efficient, covering global standards in all factors that will enable the world class maintenance and construction of better engineering structures and buildings.

Our Services

  • Water Proofing
  • Fire Proofing
  • Corrosion Protection, Concrete repair & restoration
  • Industrial Flooring

We also have expertise in:

  • Patch repairs to spilling concrete using polymer mortars
  • Sewage repairs using epoxy mortars and coatings
  • Epoxy Crack injection using twin-line injection pumps.
  • Any size of core cutting as you need.
  • Polyurethane injections for water stopping and leakage repair, Hydro injection with Plural pump.
  • VDF ( Vacuum Dewatered Flooring)

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